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EBooks Converter 5.7.2

Ebook Converter Lite is the simplest way to help you convert a large number of ebook file format in a very short time.

Ebooks Converter is the simplest way to help you convert a large number of ebook file format in a very short time.

It supports the current main ebook formats such as adobe epub, adobe pdf, kindle azw,mobi, prc and other types. A lot of ebooks that readers bought from all kinds of sites may belong to a variety kinds of file formats. In fact not all electronic readers or computer software can identify all the ebook formats. The reason is that they are invented by all sorts of different manufacturers. In order to solve the problem that various electronic readers can support different formats, AuexSoft book converter comes with a couple new features can easily help you convert the main ebook format to others.

In order to facilitate your conversion Ebook, AuexSoft Ebook Converter provides a batch mode and the high speed switching mode. You can add more than 200 pieces of files one-time in the conversion. AuexSoft Ebook Converter has been being optimized and improved both on the conversion speed as well as quality aspects constantly so that users can complete more conversion work in a short time.

You may want to read EPUB format Ebook in your Kindle devices, but in fact Kindle does not support EPUB format Ebook at all. AuexSoft Ebook Converter provides you with an unprecedentedly simple way. Only need to click a mouse button, you can get a new suitable Ebook format for reading them on your Kindle, and it surely keeps the best Ebook quality and content for users.

Ebooks Converter Lite does good in converting Kindle books to other ebook formats in order that you are able to access to reading them on other equipment.

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EBooks Converter


EBooks Converter 5.7.2

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